Week 1 Lent:  Lessons for each day in 20 minutes or less.

Ash Wednesday Lesson – Sermon on the Mount

Lent – Day 2 – Do Acts of Righteousness

Lent – Day 3 – Learn to Pray

Lent – Day 4 – Keep a Holy Fast

Sunday 1 of Lent –   Jesus goes to the Wilderness of Judea

Sunday 2 of Lent – Jesus has a night visitor    Second Sunday

Sunday 3 of Lent – The Gift of Living Water  Third Sunday

Sunday 4 of Lent – Jesus Heals with Mud Fourth Sunday

Sunday 5 of Lent – Raising of Lazarus Fifth Sunday

Sunday 6 of Lent  – Circles and Crosses

Lent Day 38 – Holy Monday

Lent Day 39 – Holy Tuesday

Lent Day 40 – Holy Wednesday

Maunday Thursday – The Gift of the Eucharist

Good Friday

Holy Saturday

Easter Sunday


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