Doing Righteousness

“Help Me Remember My Promises”

Lenten Jars.

1. Gather three identical cups or jars, one larger clear container – like a canning jar, dried beans

2. Make labels for each “PRAY” “RIGHTEOUS ACTS”  ”FASTING”

3. Place the beans in the canning jar

3. Place them in a visible spot.

4. Nightly reflect on how each member of the family prayed, fasted or offer acts of justice and mercy to others.  This ads up to a maximum of three beans per person.

5. On Easter Eve, replace the dried beans with jelly beans to show the way God views our learning His ways.

List of ideas for doing acts of righteousness to others.

1.  Each week choose someone to share cookies with – firefighters, police, gas station attendants, teachers, dr.’s office, trash/recycling guys.

2.  Call a hospital and ask what might be needed for the children’s wing. Would the children like cards? Stuffed animals? Coloring books? Paper dolls? Make a list and take a shopping trip with your children, choosing things to take together to the hospital and donate. Remind your children that Jesus said we should visit people who are sick and talk with them about why it makes a difference.

3. Gather your gently worn clothes and donate them to Neighborhood House. They are the oldest agency in service to the midtown area. Speak with Erica Rowley.

4. Eat lunch with different people each day at school.  Get to know people you wouldn’t normally be around.

5.  Go to a retirement home/nursing facility and talk with some older folks.  You might make some drawings to hand out, too.

6.  What are your ideas?


One thought on “Doing Righteousness

    Kate said:
    March 1, 2014 at 7:40 pm

    Awesome, Elizabeth.

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