3rd Sunday – Resources

He Qi SamaritanWomanAtTheWell
He Qi’s Samaritan Woman at the Well
Woman-at-the-Well-ii-Hyatt Moore
Hyatt Moore’s Woman at the Well (2011)
German illustration created in 1420. I love the foot on the edge of the well getting leverage to pull the heavy bucket up.
Henryk Siemiradzki’s Christ and Samaritan Woman
Japanese Icon of the Woman at the Well
Russian IconWoman at the Well
Orthodox Icon of the Woman at the Well
Living Water valerie Sjodin, 2011
Valerie Sojodin’s Living Water created in 2011

Exploring the Story

Provide materials for their own interpretation of the story like Valerie Sojodin’s piece.

Provide a bowl of water and two lego guys – Jesus and John.  Encourage the children to re-tell the story with the figures.

Craft time

Make a dove


Map of Israel with focus on the Jordan River



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