1st Sunday – Resources


The Godly Play version of the Lesson.  I love the intro about the desert.  NOTE: There is no sand in the Negev.  There are lots of rocks and the wind wipe up dust and small pebbles and that pelts you. I prefer to let the Bible do all the story telling in the main part, however.

Barnabas in Church version. Using household items to make the story parts. Note – the items can sometimes distract from the story.  When I do this, I always told the boys I was going to use their Legos, action figures, etc; Sometimes I would show them a picture of what I was going to construct from the Legos and ask them to make it for me showing them with my hands about the dimensions.


Christ in Wilderness, Ivan Kramsoky 

Christ in the Wilderness, Harold Wood

Temptation of Christ, Peter Paul Rubens

Jesus Tempted in the Wilderness, J. J. Tissot

Temptation on the Mountain, Joseph Turner

Temptation of Christ 1791, James Witt

Iesus A Satana Tentatur, Salvador Dali

Temptation of Christ, Ary Scheffer

Landscape with the Temptation of Christ, Joos de Momper

Temptation and Freedom, William Blake

Angles Ministered Unto Him, James Tissot


  1. Get out the paints, crayons, watercolors, magic markers and paper. Your family creates their own version of Sunday’s lesson.  – Comic book style, Romantic style (i.e.: Blake’s), Emotional drawing (have one person read the story while the others draw lines on their papers showing how they are feeling as your read)
  2. Print out the 6 you think will cause discussion and place them daily in the car for conversation.


  1. Do not find coloring pages.  Just like movies, the pictures in your head are better than someone else’s ideas.
  2. Provide perimeters – “We are going to draw for 15 minutes – set a timer.” “Today we are choosing between water color and colored pencils.”


  1. Overview – note the cities
  2. Where is the Judean Desert?  In Israel and Palestine. Map of regions of Israel.  Near the Dead Sea.
  3. Pictures of the Judean Desert  View of the Desert from Massada
  4. Climate in the Judean Desert
  5. Dead Sea info
  6. Animals in the Judean Desert
  7. judean-leopard searchresult_watermark.php.html tn_negev5 800px-Deathstalker-israel 800px-Reem-Lavan001


Overview from Christian perspective

Way before Jesus

Before Jesus- The Essenes – The compilers of the Dead Sea Scrolls

During Jesus

  1. Overview of the Temple
  2. Jewish notes on the Temple
  3. Diagram of the Temple  Description to the various parts with nice illustration

After Jesus – Monasticism

Modern Temple Mount


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