Prayer Table, Windowsill, Shelf

1. Add a purple cloth

2. A collection of wooden or simple crosses. (anybody know how to solder these?)

3. A Bible with specific stories bookmarked each week.

4. A flower pot with grass seeds (ambitious, less ambitious) that you and your child sow together.  A flower pot with bulbs that you will watch to see when they sprout.

5. A dried branch that is replaced with #4 when you figure out how long it takes for grass to sprout.

6. Stones or rocks

Here is a very minimalist approach to the table.  Here is a simpler approach. Here is a different approach.  This one is more comprehensive.

Other Visible Ideas

1. Make a banner from purple cloth or paper and yarn that spells out LENT and hang in a prominent place.

2. Print the Lenten Calendar (or pick up a BIGGER one at church), and place it in a visible space where your child can color it and illustrate major days as your family walks through Lent.

3. Use you Lenten spiral to mark each day of Lent. You can order a youth made actual cut out spiral here.


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