Day 1 – Ash Wednesday Lesson   PDF: Ash Wednesday – Day 1

Day 2 – Mystery of Easter           PDF: 3-6 Myster of Easter

First Sunday of Lent  – PDF: 3-6 Holy Family, Illustrations: 3-6 Holy Family holy family

Second Sunday of Lent – PDF: 3-6 Jesus at the Temple, Illustrations: Young Christ in the Temple images

Third Sunday of Lent – PDF: 3-6 – Baptism by John, Illustrations: Images – Baptism by John

Fourth Sunday of Lent – PDF: 3-6 – Jesus in the Desert, Illustrations: Jesus in the Desert – Images

Fifth Sunday of Lent – PDF:3-6 – Jesus Heals and Teaches, Illustrations: Jesus Healing the Blind Man – Images

Palm Sunday – PDF:3-6 Palm Sunday

Next week add “Alleluia” and some paper cut out flowers for an Easter kind of day. http://watkinseveryflavorbean.blogspot.com/2011/04/palm-sunday.html


Day 38

Day 39

Day 40

Maunday Thursday

Good Friday

Holy Saturday



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