Easter – It’s a Season not a Day

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Lent is past and Easter has arrived.  We now have seven Sundays until Pentecost. The second feast celebrated in the early church.

Isn’t it interesting that the Ascension does not merit its own seasonal break – we don’t change liturgical colors or service themes.

408591_8207546_lzDuring Eastertide we celebrate the ways in which the Kingdom of God is breaking into our world.  We look for ways that God is overwhelming the rules of the prince of this world – selfishness, fear, greed, racism, injustice, hopelessness, poverty-  and putting in place the blessings of His kingdom – love, justice, mercy, reconciliation, generosity.  Where Lent is inwardly focused on rooting out and replacing the qualities of sinfulness in ourselves, Eastertide is outward focused on celebrating the changes that the Kingdom brings to our communities.

There is an inkling of sadness and overwhelmingness that is found during the celebration.  When one begins to look, one doesn’t see a new heaven and a new earth transformed into the Kingdom of God in the midst of this present world. We only see hints and glimmers and a call to continue transforming others as we ourselves are transformed.

That leads us to Pentecost and the need for the Holy Spirit’s aid and guidance as we walk the Kingdom of God out to our communities.



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