3-6, 6-9 year olds – Map of Israel during Jesus’ time.

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Today we add a very important piece to the mind of the child.  We add place.  We remind the child that Jesus isn’t a

Three dimensional map of Israel - the next step after the regions are learned.
Three dimensional map of Israel – the next step after the regions are learned.

fairy tale because he lived in real places in the world.  He did real things in real places in our world.  Today we introduce the child to The Map of Israel at the time of Jesus.

FYI: the little green dots are other important areas in Jesus life and teaching.


  1. Print out the master map (the color one)8.5 x 11 Map of Israel in Jesus’ Time Colored
  2. Print out the child’s map (the outline form) (enough for the whole family)Map of Israel in Jesus’ Time 8.5 x 11
  3. Print out the map of the world. map of worldcharleston
  4. Glue or tape
  5. Pencil
  6. Colored pencils or crayons
  7. Scissors


Invite the child to the table.

Today we have an important thing to discuss.  It isn’t a story of the Faces of Easter but it holds the stories of the Faces of Easter – and many, many more.

When God chooses to be far out in space and looks down on the Earth he can see the whole world at one time.  If God decided to draw what he sees from waaaaay up high that would be a map.  Would you like to see the how the Earth looks from wwwwaaaaaaayyyyy up high?

Bring out the map of the world.

This is called a map.  It shows us an outline of the world.  Do you want to know where we live?

Point to the North American star.  (Be prepared for questions about where relatives live.)

Do you want to know where Jesus lived?

Point to the Middle Eastern star.

He lived in a tiny place. It is so small that it is hidden under our star.

If we are going to talk about where Jesus lived we might need a magnifying glass.  But even with that it would be hard to see.  Hmm.  I know we need a better map.  A map of just Israel.  A map of what is covered up by that tiny star.  A map like this.

Bring out the master map of Israel during the time of Jesus.  Maps are a tricky thing to explain.  Don’t get caught up in it.

Point to the blue on the map.  (Yes, there are sharks occasionally in the Mediterranean Sea.)

There are several blue places on our map. This big, big blue place is called the Mediterranean Sea.  It is huge.  This other large blue place is called the Dead Sea.  I wonder why it is called the Dead Sea?

Wait for some thinking.

I read that it is called the Dead Sea because no animals can live in it and no plants can live near it.  It has so much salt in it that it kills anything near it.  Everything near it is a wilderness.  Do you remember what Jesus did in the wilderness?

Wait for it.  (The child may want to go get the pictures of the Faces of Easter – this is great.)

Trace your finger up the Jordan River to the Sea of Galilee.

This lake is called the Sea of Galilee.  Jesus spent lots of time here.  The river that connects the to seas is called the Jordan River.

Do you remember what is special about the Jordan River?

Wait for it.

The light tan area is called Decapolis and it was not part of Israel during Jesus’ time.  Jesus still visited there quite a bit.

The yellow, red, green and orange areas were part of Israel during Jesus’ time.  These four areas were controlled by a guy named Pontius Pilate.  The people who lived in each area were very different from one another.

The red one is called Galilee after the Sea of Galilee.  This is the area where Mary lived when the Angel Gabriel told her she would be having baby Jesus.  It is also the area where Jesus did most of his growing up.  The city that Mary lived in was called Nazareth.

Can you touch the green dot next to the word that begins with a “N.”

The blue one is called Samaria. Jesus spent time here, too.

The yellow one is called Petra.  This is where Jesus’ closest friends lived.  This is where Jesus healed the blind man.  He lived in a city called Bethany.

Can you touch the green dot next to the word that begins with a “B” that is inside the yellow area.

The orange section is called Judea.  This is where lots of Jesus’ life is told.  He was born in Bethlehem.  He went to the temple when he was 12.  He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. On  Thursday we are going to see a great gift that he gives to us.  He gave it to us in Jerusalem.

Can you touch the green dot next to Jerusalem?  Jerusalem?

See how the Jordan River comes between Bethany and Jerusalem?  See that green dot?  That is where Jesus was baptized. And this green dot next to the Dead Sea is the area where Jesus spent time in the wilderness.

You may need to stop here.  The rest of the lesson can be at a separate time.

The black and white coloring map is designed for various ages.  3 year olds may do well with just shading in the areas and maybe  gluing down the  Annunciation, Birth, and Crucifixion tickets.

An older child who is learning to write may choose to write the names of the regions of Israel or the Seas, or the Cities – or all of them.

Other children may want to cut the tickets off of the edge and match the tickets to the areas where the event happened.

Invite the child to do the work themselves while you do one yourself.  

Cleaning up is just as important as doing the work.  Do not clean up all by yourself.


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