3-6 year-olds Palm Sunday

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Today we pause from the Faces of Easter work.  We will pick it up again on Thursday with the Face of Jesus teaching us about the Eucharist.

Today we are telling about the entry into Jerusalem.  Focus on the excitement of the people as Jesus came into Jerusalem.

Items needed:

1.  All the LEGO, Playmobile or paper cut out people you have.  (7 or more)

2.  Find a “donkey” or make a donkey out of 2 clothes pins and a cutout body.

3.  Enough LEGO bricks or blocks to make a city gate

4.  Paper cut outs (or real) palms

5.  Paper cut outs of shirts


Lay a rug down. 

Today is a special day.  In one week we will celebrate the Mystery of Easter. Today we remember a  celebration that happened one week before the first Easter Day.

Jesus had been traveling for some time.  He and his disciples had been walking.  While they were walking, Jesus healed people.  People kept following him to see what he would do next.  He then came to a friend’s house.

His friend had died and had been buried in a cave with a giant stone rolled over the opening. Jesus asked his friend’s family to open the grave and then Jesus called to his friend,  “Lazarus, come out!”  Lazarus came out.  Jesus had raised him from the dead. The crowd grew and grew.

Jesus continued to walk to Jerusalem.

Build the city gates on one end of the rug.

People ran ahead and told other people about the healings and how Lazarus had been raised from the dead.

Put Jesus on the other end of the rug. 

When Jesus came into Jerusalem, many people came to meet him.


Set the donkey beside Jesus.  Put out your crowd on either side of your imaginary road.

His disciples brought him a donkey to ride into the city of Jerusalem.

Begin moving Jesus toward Jerusalem. 


They were shouting and cheering and telling Jesus that they wanted him to be their king.

Put down your palm branches and shirts as you move Jesus to Jerusalem.

They shouted out Hosanna which means ‘we want God to save us’ and then they took off their cloaks and cut down palm branches and laid them on the road for Jesus to ride over.


Sit back and make a show of thinking.  Finally say:

I wonder why people wanted Jesus to be their king?

I wonder how the other people who wanted to be in charge felt when they saw how much people loved Jesus?

I wonder after all the good things Jesus had done why some people didn’t like him?


When the wondering is finish, carefully put the pieces into a basket and put them on the shelf so the work can be redone.



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