Fifth Sunday in Lent –  Faces of Easter 5

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1.    This is our fifth step in the journey to the resurrection.

2.    Print the image of Jesus healing and teaching that you choose. And place face down and away from the child.  Gather up all the other illustrations and stack them face down away from you.

3.    You are teaching care for things by how carefully you set up and put away the material.  Don’t rush this.

  4.    This telling is very important.  Much of Jesus’ interactions with people are with those no one else wanted to come close to.  If Jesus came to do this today, I wonder what kind of people he would spend time with.  

John 9:1-38


Lay a rug down. Pat the rug. 

Please go bring the Mystery of Easter bag.

Do you think you can put the Mystery of Easter together?

Resist the urge to help.  When the puzzle is complete. Turn it so the cross is facing the child.

Touch the top puzzle piece.

Do you remember what the story for the first piece was?

Wait for him to think about it – if he needs help hold up the picture of the holy family.  After he is done telling you, place the image to the right of the cross – leave space for week 2’s image.

Do you remember what the other three pieces told us?

Place the 2nd image between image 1 and the cross.  Place the 3rd image  to the left of the cross.  Touch the 4th piece of the puzzle. Place this image to the left of the cross, too.  Touch the 5th piece.


Healing of the Blind Man by Edy Legrand
Healing of the Blind Man by Edy Legrand

One day Jesus and the disciples were walking and they saw a man who was born blind.

Jesus told the disciples that he was going to heal the man and that God would be glorified in the healing. So Jesus spat on the ground and mixed saliva and dirt to form mud, which He smeared across the blind man’s eyes.

Jesus then told the man to go wash the mud off and he would be able to see. The man was so joyful that his neighbors weren’t sure it was him.  So they ask if he was the man that they saw begging for food and money every day.

The formerly blind man assured them that he was the man.

His neighbors asked:   How have your lifeless eyes been opened?

The formerly blind man told them that man named Jesus approached me and made mud from the ground and applied it to my eyes. He then said to me, “Go, wash yourself in the pool of Siloam.” I went and washed, and suddenly I could see.

Asserto Gioacchino's Healing of the Blind Man
Asserto Gioacchino’s Healing of the Blind Man

He had to repeat the story several times first to his neighbors, then to other people in the town, then to the religious leaders.

The religious leaders were angry because Jesus had helped the man to see on the Sabbath and they thought God didn’t want anyone doing anything on the Sabbath.

All the formerly blind man could say to the religious leaders was. I only know one thing: I was blind, and now I see.  This man must come from God; otherwise, this miracle would not be possible. Only God can do such things.

This made the religious leaders angry so they told him to go away.  The man was very sad.

Jesus heard what had happened and sought out the man – how people didn’t want to believe him and then tried to make him feel worse than when he was blind.

Healing of the blind by Corinne Vonaesch
Healing of the blind by Corinne Vonaesch

Jesus was kind and asked him if he believed in the Son of Man. The man said yes.  Then Jesus told him:  You have seen His face with your new eyes, and you are talking to Him now.

The formerly blind man understood that Jesus was the Savior and said: Lord, I do believe.

Sit back and make a show of thinking.  Finally say:


I wonder what what your favorite part of the story is?

I wonder how the blind man first felt when he washed the mud from his eyes?

I wonder why Jesus helped the man who didn’t even know about Jesus?

I wonder why Jesus only talked with the formerly blind man?  Why didn’t Jesus go to the religious leaders and the towns people?

I wonder what this might teach us about helping people?

I wonder what the disciples thought as they saw all of this?


When the wondering is finish, carefully put the pieces of the cross inside the bag leaving it with the white on the outside.  Carefully take the bag back to its spot. Place the old images next to the bag. Place the new image on the fridge or prayer table.


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