1st Sunday – 3 to 6 years of age

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53f20046bcc781bfd1717c462b935884First Sunday in Lent – Faces of Easter 1


1. This is our first step in the journey to the resurrection.

2.    Print the image of the holy family that you choose. And place face down and away from the child.

3. You are teaching care for things by how carefully you set up and put away the material.  Don’t rush this.

  4.    Remember your child is a child and is naturally interested in Jesus’ story of his childhood.


Lay a rug down. Pat the rug. 

Please go bring the Mystery of Easter bag.

jesus-5Do you think you can put the Mystery of Easter together?

Resist the urge to help.  When th

e puzzle is complete. Turn it so the cross is facing the child.

Touch the top puzzle piece.

Today we have the first Sunday in Easter.  It is the beginning of our walk through Lent to Easter.

Today we begin at the beginning.

Hold up the picture of the Holy Family.

There was once a special girl whose name was Mary. She was about the age of a high schooler and she loved God very much. She was doing her jobs around the house as she did everyday when suddenly something made her stop…. The room sounded different and it looked different and at first Mary was very scared. But then an angel

img04_the holy family as refugees

came to her and said “Don’t be afraid Mary, God has a special blessing for you. You will have a very special baby and his name will be Jesus.”

The angel said to her again, “Don’t be afraid Mary, God will give Joseph courage to be your husband and he will help you.”

Mary thought for a moment and then she said “Yes, I will do what God wants.”

Then Joseph and Mary were called to trace to Bethlehem so that the Emperor could count how many people were living in his land.

Can you help me tell this part of the story?

Mary and Joseph held the baby close, they kept the baby warm, they gave the baby everything that he needed to grow. And the baby began to grow and grow.

Sit back and make a show of thinking.          Finally say.

I wonder if Mary knew how to hold a baby?

I wonder if they counted the days until the baby came?

I wonder what it would have been like walking down that long road?

I wonder if the donkey was tired?

I wonder how things grow?

5492-1I wonder why some things change when they grow?

I wonder what it was like to know Jesus?

I wonder how chickens know when it is time to hatch?

When the wondering is finish, carefully put the pieces of the cross inside the bag leaving it with the white on the outside.  Carefully take the bag back to its spot. Place the image of the Holy Family on the fridge or on the prayer table


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