Lenten – Day 3

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Day 3  Pray – Talk to God and learn his heart – don’t be spiritual to impress people

Biblical lessons:  Lent is a time for us to learn how to be vessels that God’s light can shine out of so that people will praise the Father in Heaven.

This is your script delving into the second of the three areas Jesus taught – Although it covers just a sliver of chapter 6, it is the component that is used weekly in the Eucharist.  However I am using an alternative version of the phrases to allow the common words to have new life.

It would be very helpful as you say each phrase to lay down a strip of paper with the phrase printed on it. Explore and Express’ blog is a treasure trove of information about communicating well with children.  Here is a wonderful description of the use of the printed strips (slightly grander) and why the one of the questions in the I wonder section is so important.


1. Read the script a few times before the presentation.

2. Get your paper strips ready and place them in order behind you so they are a surprise each time you lay them out.

3. Sit in a quite place.  You may want to light a candle and bring a Bible to the lesson.

4. Read slowly and deliberately.

5. Keep your voice soft as if sharing something very special and confidential.

6. Remember your child is indwelt by the Spirit and has the ability to learn from God just like and adult.  God may use him to challenge you to discover a new facet about God’s immense love for the world and our role as citizens of the City of Light in the Kingdom of God.


Light your candle.


The Gospel of our Lord found in Matthew 6: 5-13.

Your prayers, rather, should be simple, like this:

Our Father in heaven, let Your name remain holy.

Bring about Your kingdom.

Manifest Your will here on earth,  as it is manifest in heaven.

Give us each day that day’s bread—no more, no less—

And forgive us our debts as we forgive those who owe us something.

Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

But let Your kingdom be, and let it be powerful and glorious forever. Amen.

The Word of the Lord


I wonder why Jesus knows it’s important to teach us how to pray?

I wonder what we can leave out and still have everything we need?

I wonder if each of us could pray this prayer each day and think about what it means during Lent?


(Look under your child’s age at the top of the page for the tag that reads Praying.  There are ideas there for activities, remembrances, and gifts of facts.)

(If you are going to do Lenten Jars, now would be the time to introduce Prayer’s Jar.)


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