Day 2 Lent – 3 – 6 Year olds

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Mystery of Easter – Godly Play


  1. This lesson is about Easter.  It is not about Lent. Lent is about preparing for the great Mystery of Easter.
  2. So we don’t call the materials the “cross puzzle” it is always referred to as the material for the Mystery of Easter.
  3. This is an impressionistic lesson.  This means we are wanting the children to wonder, want to know more, have a framework for the next lessons.
  4. The more reverence you have for the Mystery of Easter the more respectful the child will be when he is working with it on his own.
  5. You are teaching care for things by how carefully you set up and put away the material.  Don’t rush this.

Materials all placed on your Lenten table, mantle, or shelf:

  1. Burlap Bag dyed purple. Its inside however is white cotton.
  2. Six puzzle pieces. One side is purple one side is white.
  3. You may want a mat or a rug to help define the space for the materials.


Lay a rug down.

Watch carefully.  I want you to know where I’m getting this, so later you will know where to find this work.

Go get the material and gently place it in your lap.

Now it is time for the color purple.  It is a color for preparation.  It is the color for kings.  We are preparing for a king – his coming and his going.  We are preparing for the great Mystery of Easter.

It is a very serious time.  This Mystery is so great that it will take us many weeks to prepare for it.  Let’s look inside this bag and see how many weeks it takes and what Lent makes when it is all over.

Place the bag on the floor and reach inside. Place the first piece purple side up on the rug.  Study it. Turn it around; look.  Move it and look. 

I wonder what it could be?  What do you think it is?


Reach in and take the second piece out of the bag. Place the second piece near the first.  DO NOT TRY TO PUT THE PUZZLE TOGETHER. Turn it this way and that.

Look!  Here’s a second one?  What can this be.

Take out a third piece and do the same thing. 

Here is a third. They are all so different.

Begin to try to put them together. DON’T DO COMBINATIONS THAT WORK.  

Take out the fourth piece. Put the 4 pieces all in a row.

Hmmm. A fourth piece. One, two, three, four – weren’t there 4 weeks in Advent?  Maybe we need 4 weeks to get ready for Easter, too.

Take out the fifth piece.

Ohh.  No.  Here is a fifth piece.  Lent is longer than Advent.  The Mystery of Easter must be greater than the Mystery of Christmas.

That must be it.

Touch the outside of the empty bag and discover another piece.

Oh. Wait.  There is one more piece.  The bag isn’t empty.  There is another week inside.

Now pick up the bag and shake it to make sure there is nothing else in it.

Lent helps us to get ready.  It is a time to know mare about the One who is Easter. It is also a time to learn more about who we really are.

Touch the pieces as you talk.

These are very purple.  The One who is coming is very important, like a king. But this purple makes me feel kind of sad.  Perhaps what is going to happen is sad.

Begin to move all the pieces around and start to form the puzzle.

I wonder what this is going to be when we all put them together.

Try this and that. Don’t put it together correctly the first time.

Finally assemble the cross.

Oh.  I get it.  I see. It makes the cross.  A serious cross.  It is also a sad thing. Jesus grew up to be a man and died on the cross.  That IS sad, but it is wonderful.

Now look what happens

Turn the cross over to make a completely white cross.

Jesus died on the cross but somehow he is still with us.  That is why Easter is not just sad.  It is also wonderful.

Show a few of the pieces’ purple side.

Lent is sad . . .

Turn the pieces to white again.

. . . Easter is pure celebration.

Reach inside the bag and turn it inside out.

Easter turn everything inside out and upside down.  The color of getting ready becomes the color of pure celebration.  The sad seriousness and happiness join together to make joy.

Now count the white pieces.

Look!  You can’t keep Easter in just on Sunday!  It goes on for on, two, three, four, five, six weeks!  All the way to Pentecost.

Sit back and make a show of thinking.          Finally say.

Now.  I wonder if you have ever seen these colors in church.

I wonder what happens when you see these colors.

I wonder what part of Lent you like best?

I wonder what part of Lent you think is most important.

I wonder who takes care of the colors?

I wonder where these colors are when they aren’t out?

I wonder if you see the whit at some other time in church?

I wonder how sadness and happiness can make joy?

I wonder where joy comes from>

I wonder how you know when joy is here?

When the wondering is finish, carefully put the pieces of the cross inside the bag leaving it with the white on the outside.  Carefully take the bag back to its spot.


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